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Best Restaurants For Gym Rats

You’re a hard worker and you don’t have time for home cooking after a gym session. It’s a good thing there are many healthy eating establishments to choose from. But it’s also a challenge to find the best burger in town or decide whether the greasy spoon on your commute is worth the drive.

One of the best options in this category is a newer entrant to San Diego’s food scene. Designed to be fast, fun and convenient, this chain is bringing Mexican cuisine to a whole new generation of diners.

The company’s signature breakfast – a protein-packed waffle made from coconut oil and bananas – will have you coming back for seconds.

The company also boasts a slew of healthy lunch and dinner options, from grilled salmon to a veggie platter, so you’ll be able to fuel your fitness efforts without missing a beat.

Best Restaurants for Gym Rats is the brainchild of a trio of friends, including Sunny Kudhail, Steven Mavrou and a certain celebrity chef.

This small business has already garnered a devoted following and may be on its way to becoming a San Diego institution. The company’s burgeoning portfolio of services includes personal training, group exercise and even corporate boot camps. The site boasts a slew of impressive features, like a nifty touchscreen menu system and a streamlined checkout process that should make your trip to the cashier a breeze.